A few weeks ago I was invited to the Higher Nature Before & After Party bloggers event and I had such a good time! I learnt a lot about some great products and wanted to share a few of my favourites with you! I will also be announcing an exciting Christmas giveaway at the end of this post – enjoy! x

What is Higher Nature? 💕

Higher Nature is a brand which offers a variety of different products which are all ethical, naturally sourced and vegan friendly. They have something for everyone in their range, whether you are looking for vitamins, nutrients or even skincare products! They also contain no preservatives and are certified non-GMO which basically means that they haven’t been genetically modified and are completely natural!

My Favourite Products 💕

I was lucky enough to be sent home with lots of goodies to try out, and they are honestly all great!

One of my favourites is the Pure Green Tea which is really beneficial to your gut and digestive system. I have never been a fan of green tea because I find that it can taste quite sharp and chemically, but this tastes absolutely amazing! It also lasts forever because it comes in a big pot and you only need about 3/4 of a teaspoon for each cup which is amazing! I tend to drink this in the mornings and it really helps to wake me up cleanse my body, as well as being much lighter and less bloating than Breakfast tea!

Another product which I am loving at the moment is the MSM Cream Light which is a fragrance free, all body lotion. The packaging is great because it comes in a large bottle with a pump which avoids getting cream all over the lid (which can be super messy and annoying!) and you get so much product for the price – it will last for ages. MSM is nicknamed ‘nature’s beauty mineral’ and basically works to soften and tighten skin by restoring collagen production. I have only been using this for a few days but have already noticed that my skin is softer and becoming clearer!

My absolute favourite Higher Nature product is the Multi Vit Shots. These come in a box of 14 and you simply take one a day. These are basically optimal health in a tiny sachet as they contain all of your daily vitamin and mineral intake. It can be so difficult getting all the vitamins and minerals you need each day so these are the perfect solution for those of use who are super busy all the time! Since taking these, I have noticed I feel a lot more energetic in the morning and my energy lasts longer throughout the day. My immune system has also improved a lot and overall I feel super healthy (considering the recent weather conditions!) Best of all, these taste AMAZING – so much better than those huge everyday vitamin tablets that you have to force down your throat with a glass of water that almost always get stuck halfway. Remember popping candy? The sugary sweet that crackles on your tongue and tastes like sour cherries? These taste just like that and it’s almost impossible to believe that they are good for you. If you have a sweet tooth you will absolutely love them, and their handy size means that you can pop one in your bag and take it anywhere you go. It’s never been so easy to get all the vitamins you need!

And because these are my absolute favourite product, I want to share them with you! I have teamed up with the ladies at Higher Nature to give away a box of Multi Vit Shots to one of my readers! This is a Twitter competition, so you will need an account to enter and you wont be able to enter on any other social media platforms. All the entry instructions will be on my account @kirstygeorgia_x once this blog post is out, and will be open for 1 week. I will be choosing a winner on Friday 5th January and the product will be sent out to you in the New Year – good luck!



KG x