I tend not to set New Years resolutions and goals because I tend to fall short of achieving them and then feel really rubbish for a while, which is a crap way to start the New Year! Instead, I wanted to write a blog post talking about some of the things that I am looking forward to doing in 2018 and where I hope to be by the end of the year.

Stepping out of my comfort zone:

I have been getting good at this one, and in 2017 I achieved this by starting my blog, meeting new people and attending different blogger events. I really want to continue this into 2018 and I would love to do some public speaking at a mental health event or on a mental health panel. I would also love to do some more singing in 2018, whether this be at different events or open mic nights, and it would be great to start recording some covers again and putting them up online!

Reading more books:

I absolutely love reading and as a child I would spend all of my time locked away in my room reading book after book. When I started high school, reading wasn’t ‘cool’ and so I stopped, and it has been my biggest regret ever since. This year, I have only managed to read a book and a half (on top of my endless Uni reading) so in 2018, I hope to fit in more reading time. I have recently purchased ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race‘, which I have read great reviews about and I am really excited to sink my teeth int o. I will also be writing my dissertation this year and I am looking forward to doing some wider reading on some really interesting topics such as black anarchism and traditional conservatism.

Finding a job:

To say that I am looking forward to this one is a slight overstatement, because I am absolutely shitting myself. Not that I don’t want to start working, it’s just a very scary prospect. I have sent around 50 CV’s to various Marketing, Advertising and PR agencies and have only managed to secure 1 telephone interview. Of course, this is a huge step in itself and I am so grateful that I have managed to get this far in my application – I hope that I am able to make it through to the next stage! In the meantime, I will continue sending emails and CV’s to every Ad agency in the country in the hopes that someone likes the sound of me!

Learning how to look after a baby:

This may look slightly misleading so just to confirm: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT NOR DO I PLAN ON BECOMING PREGNANT IN 2018. As the majority of the population know, my sister gave birth to my beautiful little nephew Leon in July and I actually love him more than anything or anyone else (sorry Elliot). A couple of months ago I was given the chance to look after him all by myself for the night and quite frankly it was an absolute shambles which resulted in inconsolable crying and very few hours sleep (and that wasn’t even the baby). In the end, my mum had to cancel her party plans and come to my rescue.  My sister works so hard and she is such an incredible mum, but everyone deserves a break every now and again, and so I hope to learn to look after Leon on my own, and to cope with my anxiety when things get stressful so that I can look after him whenever my sister needs a break.

Continuing my journey to recovery:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be going back to therapy in January in the hopes of taking control of my mental health. I am nervous to go back because I had hoped that I had closed that chapter of my life after 6 years, but I have accepted that it will always be a part of my life. I hope to learn healthier ways of coping with depression and anxiety, and to look at things in a more positive, realistic light. I also hope to learn to trust other more and work on my self confidence & self respect.

I hope everyone has an amazing start to the New Year and that 2018 is full of love, support and good vibes ♡



KG x


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