With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, I figured that now would be the perfect time to write a post about¬†bras. Most high street stores don’t stock sizes larger than a DD, and when they do they’re often not the most flattering of styles, so I wanted to share some of my favourite DD+¬† retailers who’s bras don’t look like big lacy hats from the 1900’s (no offence M&S). I have focused on different price brackets to suit all budgets and there are so many styles to choose from! Who said big boobs = ugly bras, right?

Low Range –¬†¬£20 and under


I have been buying bras from Primark for years and they are an absolute Godsend! They have a wide range of styles, from t-shirt bras to matching sets, and they have a great range of DD+ sizes! My favourite bras from here are in the Secret Possessions range which tend to be slightly more pricey but still super cheap compared to other stores, retailing at around ¬£9-¬£12. The majority of these bras are beautifully embroidered or have lace detailing and often have a matching pair of briefs which can be bought separately. They also have loads of sizes in the same style and have a specific DD-F range which is absolutely gorgeous! Although the quality isn’t as high as some retailers, I have never had any problems with ill-fitting bras or dodgy underwire, and they last just as long as some of the more expensive ones. I haven’t been able to provide a link to my favourite bras from here but head to your local Primark store and there are loads of options to choose from!


Surprisingly, ASDA actually stock some really pretty bras! They have a specific DD+ range which stocks some beautiful styles and many of them come in vibrant shades of purple and turquoise, which look especially great against darker skin tones! Most of these bras are around £7-£9 depending on the style, and you can find some great multi-pack everyday bras for a couple of pounds more. This gorgeous Lace Trim T-Shirt Bra is perfect for everyday wear and is super comfortable! It has a really pretty floral lace detailing and is stocked in cup sizes DD up to G.


If you’re a dedicated bargain hunter who knows how to tactically navigate the ASOS website, you can find some amazing deals on DD+ bras. They have so many colours and styles to choose from and also stock plus sized bras for larger band sizes too. Prices¬†range from around ¬£10 all the way up to ¬£50 so there are bras for all budgets! If you’re looking for a Valentine’s day treat, I love this ASOS Fuller Bust Carmen Eyelash Lace Moulded Bra¬†which comes in a deep red colour and has a beautiful lace detailing under the bust. This bra retails at ¬£20 and is stocked¬†in loads of sizes from DD up to HH. The¬†ASOS Curve Carmen Eyelash Lace Moulded Bra¬†is also a great option if you’re looking for a longline bra in a gorgeous fiery red colour. This can be bought in a matching set for only ¬£10 more and is stocked in size 38D upwards.

Mid Range Р£25-£50


Bravissimo cater specifically for bigger boobs, so they have a huge range of options for DD+¬†women! I was always skeptical about shopping here for fear of finding only ‘granny bras’ but I was pleasantly surprised with the different styles they stock. Bras here are a little pricier¬†starting at around ¬£30¬† but you are definitely paying for top quality. If you’re looking for a well structured supporting bra which is also aesthetically pleasing Bravissimo bras are for you. They literally mould to fit your boobs perfectly and the fabric is so soft against your skin! The Layla Bra¬†is a personal favourite of mine, which comes in a gorgeous mauve¬†or cobalt blue colour and retails at ¬£32. Sizing for this specific bra starts at a 30E and goes up to a K cup, but other bras on the website range from cup sizes D-L.

Curvy Kate:

Curvy Kate is a great website for high quality, reasonably priced bras. They have so many styles and colours to choose from and also stock back size 28 which many retailers don’t do! They also frequently have online sales and clearance deals where you can get some gorgeous bras for great prices. Generally full priced bras retail at around ¬£30 and their more luxury / limited edition bras at around ¬£40/¬£50. I absolutely love their new Scantilly Monochrome Collection which stocks a variety of different bras and babydoll dresses which are perfect for Valentine’s day and come in an array of sizes. My absolute favourite has to be the Scantilly Decadence Monochrome Balcony Bra¬†which retails at ¬£49 and is stocked in cup sizes DD-HH.


Wonderbra is literally the God of all bras. Despite their terribly dated branding, they have a huge selection of bras which are available up to an L cup. Wonderbra’s famously fit perfectly and are renowned for being very high quality at a very affordable price. Most of the bras retail at around ¬£25 or ¬£30 but you can often find pretty pieces in the sale / clearance section of the website for under ¬£20. If you’re looking for an excellent fitting¬† strapless bra, the¬†Black Ultimate Strapless Bra¬†is an absolute must have. It’s built in a special way to lift your boobs from the bottom, which makes them perkier and offers extra support. Retailing at ¬£42, this bra comes in black and nude and is stocked¬†in cup sizes D-G.

High Range Р£55+

Rigby and Peller:

The maximum amount I tend to spend on a bra is around ¬£30, but if you are looking to spend a little more perhaps on a wedding or occasion bra, Rigby and Peller have a gorgeous range of luxury pieces starting from around ¬£60.¬†The website has a specific D-E¬†range and also stocks cup sizes F-J. Although they are on the pricier side, Rigby and Peller bras are amazing quality and come in a variety of gorgeous colours and fabrics. If you’re looking for a special occasion bra this is definitely the place to look! The Primadonna Eternal Balcony Bra¬†is a beautiful piece which comes in 3 different colours and is decorated with a floral lace design. This bra retails at a modest ¬£93 so I would definitely save it for special occasions!

I hope that this blog post has offered some alternatives to the M&S/Debenhams type DD+ styles, and there are loads of other options out there like Boux Avenue and Victoria’s Secret so have a shop around!


KG x