Recently a few people have been asking how I use natural skin products on my face such as almond oil and shea butter, so I thought the best way to explain was to make a post about my face skincare routine! I have selected the products which I have been using for a while now and have seen great success with. I used to suffer very badly from acne, and since having a set skincare routine my skin has improved so much!

(Just a quick disclaimer – these are products which have worked really well for me personally but I can’t say that they will work for everyone. I’m also not sure how these products will work on Caucasian skin because some of them are heavily oil based which tends to be more appropriate for black skin because it needs extra moisture, but definitely worth trying anyway!)

I have split the post up into Morning and Evening and then listed the products I use at these times:

Morning products 💙

Garnier Face Wash:

In the mornings I like to use a face wash which doesn’t have any exfoliating properties as it can be quite harsh on my skin. I really like this Garnier PureActive Daily Gel Wash because it is really refreshing and cleanses my skin really well. It also uses a pump function to disperse the wash which makes it a lot more convenient. This product also has blackhead clearing properties, which honestly I haven’t really noticed too much but this is still a great face wash regardless.

Superdrug Vitamin E Range Dual Phase Cleansing Oil

I recently purchased a couple of items from this range and I really like it! Again, I don’t like to use anything too harsh on my face in the mornings so this face oil is great because it has a very light, fragrant formula which leaves your skin feeling really soft. It also adds a lot of moisture without being too heavy and hydrates any dry patches on the face. (Sorry for the lack of picture, the label came off, but here is the link:

Superdrug Vitamin E Range Hydrating Mist

This face spray is my favourite product at the moment! It is from the same range as the face oil and is so refreshing and smells great. I haven’t noticed any specific benefits to my skin however this really wakes up my skin in the mornings and is very softening once absorbed.

Almond Oil

Almond oil has so many benefits for your skin and it is super cheap. I tend to buy a big bottle and then refill an empty dropper bottle so I can easily apply it to my face. I apply about 4 or 5 drops on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then rub it in. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and plump, and has cleared up my acne scars amazingly! Most days I will just wear the oil with no makeup because it makes my skin look really glowy and dewy. A lot of people don’t like to use oil on their face because they are worried about it leaving the face greasy. This is true the first few times of using it however, the reason the face emits oil is because it isn’t adequately hydrated, so adding oil will actually stop this from happening and prevent spots, blackheads and excess oil. The first couple of days your face may look pretty sweaty but once it is used to the excess oil, it will soak it all up and you will be amazed by how radiant and glowy your face is!


Evening 💙

Garnier PureActive Daily Exfoliating Scrub

This face scrub is from the same range as the wash I use in the mornings. I really like this product because it has exfoliating balls which penetrate really deep into the skin and remove impurities. This scrub has worked amazingly on removing my blackheads, and also does a great job of removing makeup.

Face spa with Boots Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream

I was so excited when I finally purchased one of these face spa appliances, and it hasn’t disappointed! The one I have is from an online catalogue called K-Life and has loads of different heads which you can apply. My favourite one is the face brush because it scrubs all the dirt out of my skin and my skin feels SO soft afterwards. I use the Boots Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream with this which is a really nice, simple cream cleanser. I try not to use anything too heavy with the brush because it would be too harsh on my skin, so this cleanser works perfect.

Shea butter & petroleum jelly

I use these 2 products as my night time moisturisers and they are my top products. Shea butter benefits your skin because it is rich in lots of essential vitamins and aids collagen production in the face, keeping your skin youthful and plump. It is an essential product, especially for black skin because of its deep moisturising and nourishing properties. I use about a pea size amount and melt in my hands until it is a thick, oily consistency. It does feel a bit slimy and gross at first but trust me, it’s worth it. After I’ve applied it to my face and let it absorb for about 15minutes, I apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline. You’re probably thinking, ‘why are you putting all this slimy stuff on your face?’ but a lot of people are unaware that petroleum jelly actually acts as a protective seal on skin, keeping moisture in and bacteria out. When I wake up my skin is baby soft and very clear because of the moisturising and anti inflammatory properties from the shea butter underneath the Vaseline layer.

Problem skin days 💙

Around the time of my period, my skin gets pretty bad and I get some massive spots and dry patches. On these days, I keep my skin care routine the same except in the evenings I will substitute the face spa and cleanser for witch hazel. I soak a cotton ball or 2 in it and use that to cleanse my face, and then moisturise as normal. This helps to reduce redness and remove any bacteria from the face which spots can thrive off.

I also have some acne scarring which can get worse around this time as well. If the scars are looking quite dry and prominent, I will apply bio oil after the petroleum jelly in the evenings and this helps to fade them after a day or too.


That’s it! I know this seems like a lot of products but a lot of them are natural so are kind to your skin and really cheap! You can purchase shea butter and petroleum jelly in a variety of sizes for under £5 and they will last a very long time!

Any more tips/advice send me an email – I love hearing from you!



KG x