Keeping up with my women’s health themed posts, I wanted to write something based around hair removal, particularly for women suffering from excessive hair growth & similar conditions. As mentioned in my previous post, I suffer from a hormonal imbalance which causes me to grow excessive hair – a condition known as ‘hirsutism’.

What is hirsutism? 💜

Hirsutism is basically a condition which causes excessive, dark hair growth in areas where men typically grow hair, such as the face, neck and back.It can be caused by many factors, the most common being hormonal imbalances and PCOS.

How is it treated? 💜

The condition can be treated with hormonal contraception or ‘maintained’ using various hair removal methods. Seeing as I have tried dozens of these over the past 10 years or so, I thought it would be helpful to share my experiences and review my ‘Top 5 Best Hair Removal Products’. I’m also thinking of making this a two part post type thing, and write a review of my ‘Top 5 Worst Hair Removal Products’ next week – let me know what you think!

It’s also important that I add, I think hair removal is 100% a personal choice and you should not be expected to remove any of your body hair if you don’t want to! When I was younger it was a massive issue for me which I obsessed over for years, but now that I am older it really isn’t that important to me.

I am going to write a whole post talking about my experiences of hirsutism & hormonal imbalance growing up, but this post will simply be reviewing my personal favourite and least favourite products to remove excess hair.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

#5 – Hair removal pad 💜

I was always really sceptical about these, thinking ‘if it was that easy, surely everyone would be doing it?!’.

These handy little pads promise painless, easy hair removal by simply rubbing them in a circular motion over the area you want to treat, which sounded amazing to me!

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this product. The set I ordered was from Ebay and was around £3. It came with one large mitten for your hand, which had around 4 replacement pads, and one small finger mitten which also had 4 replacement pads. The larger one can be used for areas such as the legs, back or arms, and the smaller one is presumably for areas on the face.

I use it for my thighs as I have really sensitive skin there so can’t shave or use hair removal creams. I basically use it like a sponge, going over each area of my leg in a circular motion, and it’s best to go quite slowly and focus on a small area at a time. Although it is time consuming, it works really well, especially on larger areas. The photo below shows my thigh before and after using the hair removal pad, so you can see it does a pretty good job!

I would say that it works a lot more effectively on softer, thinner hairs as oppose to thick ones. You couldn’t use it on your underarms, for example.

#4 – Bikini razors 💜

When you have excessive hair growth, it can be really time consuming and a massive pain trying to remove hair all the time. I find these bikini razors perfect, not only for the odd hair near my bikini line, but also to remove hair on my face – specifically my upper lip, chin and a few on my cheeks.

The myth that hair grows back thicker and darker once you shave it is not true, and even if it is, my hair couldn’t get much thicker or darker! This is why most women are nervous to start removing hair on the face, particularly with a razor. From my experience however, this has not been the case, and shaving is honestly a lot quicker and leaves my skin a lot smoother.

I find that these are actually very handy because they can reach small areas and remove all of the hairs.They also cut the hair off very close to the root, leaving me with smooth soft skin.

I found that facial hair removal creams would only dissolve the hair so far and I was left with a horrible dark shadow and stubble. I also used to bleach my facial hair, which as you can imagine, was not a pretty sight.

I think I got these ones from Boots, and they came in a pack of 4. They probably costed around £3-4.

#3 – Nair hair removal cream for bikini and underarms 💜

I have been using this cream for years and it’s definitely one of my holygrail products!

It’s formulated to remove thicker hair, hence being specifically for bikini & underarms. Most of the hair on my body is thick (lucky me) so I mostly use this on my arms if I have time, and sometimes my legs.

This cream removes the hair very quickly (around 8-10mins), and the consistence isn’t too thick. It also doesn’t smell as bad as most hair removal creams, and has quite a soft, cotton like fragrance.

I have found with a few hair removal creams that I end up with a lot of ingrown hairs and infected follicles a few days later, which is really uncomfortable and itchy. I think this may be the only cream I have used which is kind on my skin!

I buy this from my local Savers for around £1.50, but it can be purchased on Ebay for a few pounds too.

#2 – Gillette Simply Venus disposable razors 💜

These razors are my absolute favourite and work so well with my skin.

As I mentioned before, I have very sensitive skin, so all the soap infused, fragrance filled razors leave me with massive infections on my legs. These Simply Venus razors are great because they have 3 blades, which mean they remove the hair very quickly and effectively, and last for so long! Considering the coarseness of my hair, I can use 1 razor 3 or 4 times and it still be sharp and clean.

They also come in a big pack (I think there’s about 8) so you will have plenty for a while. I also think if you have thinner hair, one razor could last 5 or 6 shaves!

I use these to shave everything pretty much, my legs, arms, underarms, stomach; anywhere that I would like to remove the hair quickly and effectively.

The only downside to shaving in general (not these razors specifically) is that the hair grows back within a day or so when you have excessive hair growth, so something a bit longer lasting may be better for you!

Again, these were from Boots or Superdrug and cost around £6.

#1 – Nair wax strips with camomile oil 💜

Finally, my number 1 hair removal product for excess hair growth are the Nair wax strips!

These wax strips are absolutely amazinnnnng. The wax on them is so soft, so they heat up very quickly. Once you apply them to your skin, after 30 seconds or so the wax has become hard enough for the strip to be ripped off.

These are the strips which you can rub between your hands to heat up, but I like to use a hairdryer for just under 10 seconds to make sure the wax is nice and warm.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the camomile oil or the softness of the wax, but these strips cause very little pain compared to others I have used. As soon as the strip is ripped off, I apply a bit of pressure with my hand to reduce redness, and then it’s finished! The hairs are removed really easily and effectively, and any excess wax can be taken off with a cotton ball and baby oil.

I use these on my bikini line, my eyebrows and previously on my lower back. Like I said, the hair is removed very easily, and I would say they work effectively on all hair textures.

I buy these from my local Savers and they cost only £1 for a pack of 16!


I hope this post has been helpful and has given some insight into what products have worked for me and my hirsutism! As always, these are my own personal opinions and I understand that some people may not agree with the methods I use, or even the areas I choose to remove hair from. Just remember that every body is different, and everyone is entitled to their own personal choices.



For some amazing tips and advice on how to reduce razor bumps, have a read of Karolina’s blog post over at I have suffered from razor bumps for years as many of us do, and honestly these natural remedies are great!

Any more tips, advice or more information on any of the products listed, drop me an email!

From one hairy sister to another 💜


KG x